Saturday, April 16, 2011
I don't want to lose you again. I'll wait ya! (:

Thought those memories- 4:55 AM...

Although this few days really make us few so hurt and stress. But things had became better already. He said that to you, and that makes you feel relieved. But i not really felt relieved, because he said something. He said that 'who knows you might be his future gf'. He gave a hint. But it's better already, just let it be already. Since things have already happened, although it really affected me and your relationship. Before he appeared, things were good and you even treated me so nice. It's quite different now, i didn't manage to get your love already. Because your feelings had gone to him, sometimes i can even sense that you treat me quite cold. But what sylvester and vanessa told me was, just wait. Yeah true, i cant stop you from loving anyone. If that's your choice, go ahead. If i wanna you to be happy, i'll try to accept your decision, though i would be damn sad and moody. But, i'm willing to wait for you because it's worth it. But in my heart, i wanted to tell you this, but i'm not gonna plan to tell you already. Why i would post it here is because i know no one will visit my blog already. Just treating blogspot as my diary to write my feelings here. I want the 'normal you'. I want the 'normal you' to come back. Felt so different, you stopped calling me 'dearest', you stopped missing me. Everything changes, i really need you so badly. I NEED YOU. Everyday, every minute, i'm thinking of this. I really need you, whenever i kept thinking that you choose him. When i think of that moment, my heart really hurts, i don't know how to face this, i'm scare i can't even take it. But i know love can't be forced. I understand, but this is just how much i really love you. I hope, you will be with me. Just like what we are before, aren't we? We were so close before.. But just because of his appear, that make things change. I'm very stressed, very tired. I don't know whether your feelings for me last time was true anot, but i really hope that there will be feelings. I won't stressed you already, i will just take everything up to myself. I don't wanna affect your studies. Sorry to make you cried for 2 times. I promised, i will i will give you happiness. This is what we promised. But.. you breaked your promise, and i'm kind of disappointed. But it's okay already. I just want the 'normal you'. :( however, he appeared before we're together, so it's better. If he appeared later, during the time that we're together, i bet it will be more worst. So at least we can have the experience. You told me to forget and do not bother about this, how can i? I could not forget. You said we must be as close as before, but it seems different already. I kept on trying my best, i'll continue to try. I'm not giving up already, not anymore. You will be the only girl i'll have untill my end of secondary school life. After that, mostly i'm leaving singapore already. I just can't lose you, you understand? I want you back, i want you so badly. Please, be with be like what we are last time. Accept my love. I want the normal person. I love you, and please know that i'm still waiting untill 230611. Guys don't cry, but i did. For 2 fucking nights, because i really can't take it. I can't face what really happened. But i want you to know that, i still love you as much as before. Come back...

Thought those memories- 4:09 AM...

Friday, June 11, 2010
I still can remember the date .. 150310 !!
FUCK MAN ! ok byebye ==


Thought those memories- 5:45 AM...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Yea i found out . But it seems that is that person's parents .
How ! Na beh ji bai !
I cannot do anything about it .
Na beh ji bai ! Msn chat with that person . Well , so different when chatting .
Its so different like last time , na beh ji bai !
Nevermind . Damn du lan nowadays . Why do people leave ?? What will you guys think ?
I do not know why .. WHY ?!?!?!
Kanina beh . FUCK LA . I cant face the day , i do not know what to do .. FUCK .


Thought those memories- 7:08 AM...

Saturday, May 15, 2010
LAzy post bye . dun worry will still reply ur tags .

Thought those memories- 6:16 AM...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010
To somebody : U better dun do that again . RMB !!

Thought those memories- 5:28 PM...

Thursday, April 22, 2010
Whazuppp . At lab right now . Heng ah my 2strokes postpone .
Okay gonna post after exam . Will not online liao .. BAIBAI ...


Thought those memories- 5:31 PM...

249710 :)
Everytime , i loses , i felt so unfair . :D

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